So who was Dracula?

Was he real ? or he is just the invention of a great novelist?

Well the answer is very simple. There are two Draculas. There is a real Dracula who was the ruler of Wallachia (southern Romania) back in the 15th century. And there is a fictional Dracula, a sophisticate vampire,  who just borrowed the name from the real one, but they don’t share much else.

On this article we will talk about the real Dracula since we all  know everything about the fictional Dracula, but little is known about the real Dracula

So once again who was Dracula?

The real Dracula was the second son of Vlad Dracul, born in November 1431 in a little town in Transylvania nowadays Romania. The house where Dracula was born still exists in Transylvania, and we often visit the place on our Dracula Tours or Halloween tour

Dracula's house in Sighisoara
Dracula’s father painted on a wall in their house in Sighisoara

The name Dracul literally means The Devil. Vlad Dracul was a Dragon Knight, a very exclusive Society of Crusaders only reserved for high-ranked nobleman. Proud to be a Dragon Knight, Dracul adopted the dragon symbol on his flags, on his royal seal, and even the money that he printed. In the local folklore the Dragon is the devil. Therefore people called him Vlad the Devil “Vlad Dracul” in Romanian.

His son inherited the name from his father and called himself Dracula, in the same way as in English son of John will be called Johnson our son of David becomes Davidson. So son of Dracul becomes Dracula. Therefore you can say the Dracula literally means son of the devil.

So what is the connection between Vlad Dracula and Transylvania?

The real Dracula statue
The statue of real Dracula in hist birthtown Sighisoara

Despite being royalty of Wallachia, Vlad Dracula was born in Transylvania. There were two dynasties fighting for the throne of Wallachia,  the Dracula’s Dynasty and the Danes Dynasty. They would kick each other out of power and succeed to the throne . in 1431 when Dracula was born the Danes dynasty was in power in Wallachia and the Dracula’s family was fugitive in Transylvania seeking support from the Hungarian King to get back on the throne of their country.

Later on the Young Dracula will be exiled to Transylvania, due to his failed attempt to get on the throne of Wallachia. But we will talk about this in the future article about his life. so stay tuned cuz we will continue to reveal the real life of Dracula, which I believe is far more interesting send fictional blood-sucking Dracula that you see in the Hollywood movies.

To be continued