11 days
May 21; August 06; September 03, Other dates on request

The full Romanian experience

Departures in 2019

May 21; August 06; September 03;

We created this tour to show you the real Romania off the beaten path, amazing places that most tourists don’t even know about.

You will travel through the heart of Romania, exploring stunningly beautiful countryside, medieval towns that still live like centuries ago. You will tour vibrant cities and quaint little villages meet the people, and discover their stories, their vivid tradition and culture..

Ad on top of that the delicious Romanian dishes, and you get the full experience

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION  Bucharest Airport or hotel
10 night hotels All meals
Entrance fees Transportation in mini-coach
English speaking guide
Alcoholic Drinks

Additional information

Tour typeHiking, Sight Seeing

Day 1

Pick up from Bucharest Airport.
Explore the city in the the afternoon including the most important sites of Romania’s capital.

The Arc de Triumph, Peoples House (The Parliament Palace) the second largest building in the world after the Pentagon, the Old Court of Bucharest – the palace that Vlad Dracula built in 1459.

Overnight in 3*** Hotel in Bucharest.


Day 2

Outside of Bucharest we visit the Snagov Monastery – in 1476 the real Price Vlad Dracula was buried on this little island.
Visit the Royal palace at Sinaia – the Peles Castle – considered one of the most beautiful castles in all Europe, Peles Castle is a masterpiece of German new-Renaissance architecture.

Bran Castle built in 1377 as part of the Transylvanian defence system, the castle is a “must see” often referred to as mythical Dracula’s castle.

Overnight in a  fairy tale location at Bran – in the Bucegi National Park.


Day 3

We will visit the medieval city of Brasov. This was the most important trade center of medieval Transylvania. Enjoy a guided walk through this 13th century Saxon city. The main highlight is the Council Square, the Gothic Black Church – blackened by a fire more than 300 year ago – and the “Rope Street” – one of the narrowest streets in Europe.

Arrive to Sibiu – probably the most vibrant city in Transylvania – the Cultural Capital of Europe in 2007. Explore the impressive medieval city of Sibiu in the evening.

Spend the night in Sibiu 3*** Hotel


Day 4

Visit the 800 years old fort of Calnic UNESCO – World Heritage site

This is one of the most imposing defensive structures in Transylvania. First mentioned in a 1269 document, the fortress served as a residence for Saxon nobility until 1430, when it was sold to the peasant community of Calnic. The peasants reinforced the noble residence, and turned it into a refuge fortress where the entire community would take shelter when the village was attacked.

Overnight in Hunedoara – 3*** Hotel


Day 5

Hunedoara Castle or Hunyad Castle – mostly unknown to foreign travelers, this is probably the most accomplished Gothic castle in Europe.

Drive to Alba Iulia, to visit this amazing walled city there and the ancient Roman ruins of Apulum (the old name of Alba Iulia)

Overnight in Cluj Napoca- 3*** Hotel


Day 6

Drive to the northern province of Maramures
Visit the Merry Cemetery in Sapanta

This cemetery is unique in the world. Renowned for it’s story telling funeral plates Death is mocked in the face, as part of and ancient tradition where Death is celebrated.

Overnight at Sigetu Marmatiei – 3*** Hotel


Day 7

Visit the Communist Memorial of Sighet. The former Communist prison is now a fantastic museum dedicated to the victims of Communism.

Stop at Barsana Monastery – truly a monument of traditional Maramures architecture
Onward we will visit the 14th century wooden church at Ieud – UNESCO World Heritage

A superb road pass through the Carpathian mountains lead us to the Eastern province of Romania called Moldova.
Overnight in Bucovina in 3*** Hotel


Day 8

Bucovina painted monasteries – 3 UNESCO World Heritage sites
Visit the Moldovita Monastery. The one can we see today dates back to 1532 and is due to ruling prince Petru Rares– one of the most important monasteries of it’s time.

Visit the Voronet Monastery – probably the most accomplished sample of artistic achievement in Moldavian architecture and painting

The third monastery we see today – Humor Monastery (World Heritage) – is probably the least known of then, but it’s surely the most picturesque
Accommodation in Piatra Neamt 3*** Hotel


Day 9

Drive through the Bicazului Gorges – a superb canyon that will lead us back to Transylvania.

We stop at the Red Lake (the roof of an old iron mine collapsed in 1889 creating a small lake with a strange reddish color)

In the evening we arrive in Sighisoara a magnificent living medieval fortress, UNESCO World Heritage site. This is where the real Prince Vlad Dracula was born in 1431.

You will have the chance to have dinner in the house where the cruel prince was born

We spend the night in the old citadel of Sighisoara for the night at the medieval hotel Wagner House 3***


Day 10

Sighisoara city tour in the morning. Check out the Clock Tower, the main landmark of Sighisoara. Then the creepy prison and torture chamber.
On the highest platform of the fortress we get to the Hill Church. First mentioned in the 12 century.

Visit the Rasnov Fortress.  Built on top of a dominant mountain in the 13 Th century by the Teutonic Knights, you just can’t miss this fortification.

Later the fortress was enlarged by the villagers of Rasnov and it became a small walled city protecting the villagers from the invaders. The villagers had to build an impressive well in order to withstand prolonged sieges weeks or months long. The well is 146 Meters deep – you could put the Statue of Liberty 1.5 times in it – and it took 17 years to build it.
Overnight back to Bran


Day 11

Transfer to Bucharest airport


Prices / person differ for group size

Group size 2 – 4 persons 5 – 7 persons 8 – 12 persons
price/person  1590 Euro 1490 Euro 1290 Euro

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Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 6 reviews
July 3, 2005

Transylvania is a wonderful gem of old Europe. Well worth seeing before it becomes more commercialized. The mountains and towns are gorgeous and the people are very friendly. Don””t be afraid to let then take you on many hikes and activities – you will need it after all the wonderful food. I recommend eating as many meals at Casa Dragoslavean as they have the best food of any place!

September 8, 2007

We were the group of four persons and we made 8 days “Romania Classical tour” mostly in Transsylvania area in July 2007. Our route was about following: Bucharest-Sinaia-Bran-Brasov-Sighisoara-Cluj Napoca-Satu Mare-Borsana-Pietra Neamt-Bran-Bucharest. So we saw lot about Romania north from Bucharest. We visited e.g : Peles castle, Bran Castle,Rasnov Fortress,Black Church, Maramures village museum, Merry Cemetery,wooden, painted monasteries, Red Lake etc. One of the best part of the journey was those many hikings we made in the very beautiful mountains. Hills were full of flowers, farmers was cutting and collecting hay with the traditional old methods and sun was shining all the time.
Our farmer house accommodation in Bran (for 3 days) was in a really wonderfull place in the middle of flower field in the mountain slope. We had a really excellent guide. Everything was very well organised, everything was possible. I warmly recommend to visit in Romania and Transsylvania now (especially during the summer time) before the mass tourism will take too much place. In countryside you will still see the traditional ways of farming and nice old villages. Many thanks about your friendly company during our stay in Romania.’,
‘Matti Pensola, ”Romania Classical Tour July 2007”’

May 9, 2009

What a great adventure!!! This is a world class tour operator who is very prompt to greet you at the airport and very resourceful to give you an unforgettable holiday experience. The guide is very attentive to every detail. He is knowledgeable about history and entertaining as well. Romania is truly a treasure. A beautiful combination of spectacular scenic beauty and unsurpassed old world charm. It has a rich history which one can almost relive touring the monasteries, castles, fortresses, and medieval villages. Horseback riding through the old farms and mountains as well as mountain biking through Dimboviciora Canyon are both almost magical. The people were wonderful and the food great. After my ten days in Transylvania, I spent a few days in Bucharest. There are many interesting museums and sights to see there. The metro is very easy to navigate, efficient and clean. Many day trips are also available from Bucharest. I would highly recommend Adventure Transylvania to anyone wishing a truly memorable experience in Romania. Thank You.

November 3, 2010

I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic trip to Romania. If you ever need references, please use me. I am a very happy customer of Adventure Transylvania. I liked the trip so much that my Christmas card is a picture of me in front of the Moldovita Monastery–one of the painted churches of Bucovina. I have been to 95 countries now and I can’t remember one that I enjoyed more than Romania–mostly because of your excellent guidance. Sincerely, Monty C – Denver US

April 3, 2013

Romania is truly a hidden treasure. Not only does she offer breathtaking natural beauty, one of a kind sites, a fascinating and deep history, but the people, customs, and traditions are the crown jewel. The Carpathians, and particularly the Bicuzul gorges, certainly provide a spectacular scene that rival any I have seen.
Places such as the Merry Cemetery, the Painted Monasteries, and The Parliament Palace are alone worth the visit – the hike up the 1480 steps to The Poenari Fortress will be duly rewarded, especially on a clear day. The gates of Maramures, the painted glasswork of the peasants, and the numerous travel chapels are simply remarkable. I was also fascinated to learn about how the micro histories of the different villages and provinces have effected the macro history of today’s Romania. The people are warm, friendly, and quite hospitable. Perhaps what I took away most from my trip is how the country’s history has influenced the way these wonderful people think – and the stark contrast between young and old. After heading out on my own, I met a group of five people in Constanta who took the time to show me around their town, take me to a soccer game, drive me to the train station, help me with my bags onto the train, and tell me how to avoid getting ripped of by the cab drivers waiting for me outside Gara de Nord in Bucharest – they actually called a friend in Bucharest on my behalf. Two of them are getting married in September and I have been invited to attend. In regards to the services offered by Adventure Transylvania; I can only say that they exceeded my expectations. In this day of hidden costs, I was quite impressed that this did not come into play. When they say you should only have to pay for souvenirs, they mean it! They provided drinks for the longer drives, paid for internet cafes, and even covered the cost of some otc medication.
As expressed in some other postings, Horia proved to be flexible to those things I wanted to do, he assisted in finding a particular item I wished to buy (which wasn’t readily available), made phone calls on my behalf, helped me with travel plans beyond their service, and patiently sought out a bank that would cash my traveller’s checks. I also must credit his driving skills. He picked me up shortly after a big snow storm and managed to navigate the slippery roads with exceptional skill.
There is no way I would have been able to either navigate the roads, or find all the places we saw without his expertise. He was knowledgable, and proud of his country and maintained his enthusiasm throughout the trip. He is intelligent and has a unique perspective on the state of Romania – given that he remembers life in the pre-Revolution days. This was the first time I participated on an extended tour, and I must say that they have set the bar high for the next one!
Overall, this vacation goes to the top of the list, and that is because of the people. From Horia to the lady at the Hotel Eladia, to the old woman I met on the train, to my new friends in Constanta; the people were all gracious and have left an indelible impression on me – and I’ll never forget our brief glimpse of the wolf trotting through the trees! Thanks Horia, thanks Adventure Transylvania, and thanks Romania. I will see you again…David

May 7, 2015

Romania is beautiful and unique – one of the few places where you still can experience Old Europe. You also find a surprising diversity of geography, cultures, and traditions in this country. The best aspect of Romania, however, is the people. The people I met in Romania were exceptionally honest and hospitable.
Adventure Transylvania planned a wonderful tour that allowed us to experience several different regions of Romania, many interesting sites, and a few adventure activities (mountain hiking and biking and horse riding in our case). Our guide was very accommodating and flexible – he planned the tour according to our requests and was willing to make last minute changes in activities and accommodations without complaint (or extra charge!). Activities I highly recommend include
– A visit to the Merry Cemetery
– Visits to the monasteries convents during evening prayers
– Hiking through the Transylvanian Alps (exhausting – but the scenery is totally worth it).

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