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7 Days / 6 Nights

Rated 5 out of 5
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Tour starts in Oct 28 in Bucharest
Tour ends in Nov 03 in Bucharest
Group size Min 2, Max 12
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Transportation Mini bus with A/C 

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October 28

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Halloween in Transylvania 2023

The ultimate Halloween tour in the land of Dracula.


Do you dare enter the land of the vampires, the land of legends and myths, a country where Dracula is a national hero?

Come with us to Transylvania for Halloween, to uncover the true story of Dracula (AKA Vlad the Impaler)  A man who’s legends still inspire us after 500 years. You will see the real castles of Dracula, dine in the very house where the cruel prince was born, and explore the tiny island where Dracula was buried in 1476.

Don’t forget your Halloween costumes, Dracula invited us to his castle on Halloween night… Boo!

Tour highlights

  • Bran Castle – Halloween party
  • Sighisoara – Dracula’s birth place
  • Sibiu
  • Brasov
  • Transfagarasan highway
  • Corvin Castle
  • Poenari Castle
  • Targoviste
  • Bucharest


Bucharest - romania tours

Day 1 – October 28 – Welcome to Romania

If you arrive on the DAY 1 of the tour we can pick up from Bucharest Airport.

Meet the rest of the group in the lobby of the hotel. Don’t forget your garlic and holy water, you are about to explore the dramatic ruins of Dracula’s Royal Castle. Yes, one of the real castles of Dracula is right here in Bucharest, yet very few know it.

Explore the old historic town of Bucharest, with its tumultuous life.

Dinner at the Beer Chariot (Caru cu Bere) – a fabulous 19th-century restaurant, where you can venture into the delicious Romanian cuisine

Overnight in Bucharest centrally located hotel 4**** Hotel

Targoviste on Halloween Dracula tour

Day 2 – Targoviste, the abandoned capital

As proof that Dracula’s spirit still lives in Romania, we will visit the Parliament Palace – a megalomaniac’s work of art. This is the second-largest building in the world erected by the Communist leader Ceausescu

Drive to Targoviste, the royal court of Wallachia, until 1459 when Dracula decided to set his royal court in Bucharest. The noblemen of Targoviste supported a different prince on the throne of the country, therefore, being hostile to Dracula. This was punished by the newly crowned prince Dracula. All his opponents from Targoviste were arrested on the Easter day of 1457 and forced to work as slaves on the construction of Poenari Fortress – the one we will see on day 3 of the tour.

Spend the night in the little town of Curtea de Arges a quaint little town, in the shadow of Poenari Castle – the real castle of Dracula

Poenari  - Dracula's fortress
Transfagarasan - Romania tours

Day 3 – Oct 30 – Poenari fortress & Transfagarasan

Climb to Poenari – the vulture’s nest of Dracula. Poienari Castle – perched high on a rugged crag over the Arges River gorge is only accessible by climbing the 1480 (steps)  stairs. It may sound a lot of climbing, but trust me, it’s really worth the effort. If you still figure it’s too much for you, you can sip a hot cup of coffee at the nice restaurant at the bottom of the stairs, while the die-hard folks climb to the top. 

In 1462 Prince Vlad was besieged here by the Turks. He escaped to the village of Arefu across the mountain seeking reinforcements, but his wife, fearful of capture, threw herself into the precipices of Arges River. The villagers came at night and managed to smuggle the Prince across the high Carpathian Mountains to the safety of Transylvania and, in return, he gave them 16 mountains as pastureland, a reward they still remember, more than 500 years later!

we cross the Carpathian mountains on the mind-blowing Transfagarasan Highway. The breathtaking road was built in the ’80s by the communists, using over 400 tons of dynamite in 4 years. Recently the highway was declared by Tog Gear guys “The best road in the World” You must see this video

Onward we explore Sibiu, the Transylvanian town where Dracula’s son Mihnea the Evil was assassinated.

Arrive in Hunedoara in the evening. Just before entering the town of Hunedoara, you will encounter an incredible “Gypsy Town”. The amazing Gypsy palaces will totally change your views on Gypsies  The town holds the best castle in Romania and probably one of the best in Europe. But you will see it tomorrow

Overnight in Hunedoara in 4**** Hotel


Halloween party in Transylvania

Day 4 – Oct 31 – Halloween dinner at Dracula’s place

After a superb breakfast at our hotel, we will explore the impressive Corvin Castle. Rather unknown to foreign travelers, this is probably the most accomplished Gothic castle in Europe.

Corvin Castle was the residence of John Corvinus governor of Transylvania, and an ally to Vlad Dracula. As a young fugitive prince Dracula found protection at Corvin’s court.

Set off to Sighisoara, the birthplace of Vlad Dracula. Sighisoara is one of the few medieval towns in Europe that was never abandoned. Therefore the town was preserved in the most natural way. Even the ancient atmosphere still lingers among the 500 years old houses and tiny cobbled streets.

The house where Dracula was born is still intact too, preserving even the wall painting of his father. We will have a special Halloween dinner at Dracula’s place 

Overnight across the street from Dracula’s house, in a 400 years old medieval hotel, Casa Wagner 3***

Sighisoara - Tour of Transylvania

Day 5 – November 01 – Discover the medieval Sighisoara


Push through the twisted passages of the Clock Tower for a crash course on the town’s millennial history. At the top, you will get a stunning panorama over the town

Want more stairs? Check out the “Covered Stairs” that leat to the 900 years old Hill Church, and the gloomy cemetery at the top of the fortress hill.

Visit the Rasnov Fortress. One of the most spectacular strongholds of Transylvania, built in the 13 Th century by the Teutonic Knights, Rasnov Fortress is one of the top 10 snow castles in the world according to Conde Nast Traveler

The fortress was enlarged by the villagers of Rasnov and it became a small walled city protecting the villagers from the invaders. The villagers had to build an impressive 480 feet deep well, to get the vital water needed during prolonged sieges, weeks or months long.  The construction took 17 years of hard labor, under precarious conditions.

Overnight in Bran at 4**** Hotel

Halloween in Transylvania

Day 6 – November 02 – Halloween Party at Dracula’s Castle in Bran

First stop: the medieval city of Brasov. As a young fugitive prince, Dracula spent several years in this town. From Brasov, Vlad could easily follow the situation in his country seeking the right moment to claim his throne again.

Enjoy a guided walk through this 13th century Saxon city. The main highlights are the Council Square, the Gothic Black Church – blackened by a fire more than 300 years ago – and the “Rope Street” – one of the narrowest streets in Europe. Outside of the city walls, we get to the Black Tower for an amazing panorama over the old Brasov.

Prejmer Fortress – UNESCO World Heritage – is an incredibly well-preserved stronghold. The town of Prejmer was in the first line of defense against the Ottoman and Mongol invasions. The fortress impresses with its 270 rooms where villagers lived for weeks in a row during sieges. Every family in the village had its own little room inside the Fortress.

Halloween party at Dracula’s Castle. This is a once in a year occasion to visit Dracula’s Castle at night. The event attracts fans from all over the world. Everybody wears incredible costumes. 

At the end of the tour, you can join Dracula at the costumes party in the castle’s yard.

Overnight in Bran 4**** hotel



Dracula's house - Halloween in Transylvania

Day 7 – November 01 – Dracula’s Grave

We will leave Transylvania now and cross the Carpathian Mountains once more to stop at the grave of Dracula, at Snagov

Snagov Monastery – in 1476 Price Vlad Dracula was killed near Bucharest. The Monks of Snagov Monastery recovered his headless body and buried it inside their church on the little island of Snagov.

Dracula was controversial even after his death. His death is still an enigma, as some sources indicate he was assassinated by the Turks, while others claim that Dracula was killed in a “friendly fire” (complicated story, but you will learn it on the tour)

The tour ends in Bucharest at about 5 PM

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  • If you fly out on the same day we can drop you off at the airport.
  • If you fly early the next day we suggest Rin Airport hotel, as they offer free shuttle transfers to the airport.
  • If you spend more time in Romania after the tour, we recommend Europa Royal Hotel downtown Bucharest.




All nights in hotels (3*** and 4 *****)


All Brakfasts | All Lunches | All Dinners

Halloween party ticket

Halloween party at Dracula’s castle in Bran


Entrance fees

All entrance fees to all the castles and
museums from the itinerary


All transportation with private air-conditioned minibus

English Guidance

English seaking guide will assist you
throughout the entire tour

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  • airfares


Halloween Dracula tour

Rated 5 out of 5
February 1, 2008

My interest in Dracula led me to Adventure Transylvania’s website and the 2007 Halloween Dracula tour. I booked the tour, knowing nothing about the company and I was taking the tour by myself. However, prior to the tour, all my questions were answered and I was given all the information needed. The tour was everything I hoped for and more. It was a very informative tour about Vlad Tepes and also about different parts of Romania. One of my favourite parts was walking up the 1480 stairs to Dracula’s real castle. From that point on, I started counting the steps we climbed, both up and down and the various sites and guest houses. Our group climbed well over 5,200 steps throughout the tour. Our guide, was great and made the tour very memorable. We also had a great group and had a lot of fun.I would book another tour with Adventure Transylvania in a heartbeat and am seriously considering a hiking tour in 2008. I highly recommend Adventure Transylvania if you are looking to tour Romania.

Halloween Dracula Tour 2007

Linda Gallagher – US

I had the best time!

Rated 5 out of 5
December 2, 2007

Country is beautiful, autumn a wonderful time to go, all the trees in living color, the appropriate (to Halloween) cloud cover, cool, not cold, perfection. We had the most accommodating guide we could have wished for……for over 13 hours a day!!! Very attentive to our individual preferences for food, etc. And very knowledgeable of the history and geography of Romania and surrounding countries.

I have already recommended this tour to other people,and am just so happy I chose this one over the other I had considered. I feel we saw most of inner Transylvania, and while there was lots of driving, we saw the most striking sights and views. Please, anyone considering this tour, feel free to contact me, I LOVE talking about it! THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

Kathy Korol – US

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