7 days
October 26

Halloween in Transylvania 2018

We honestly believe that the life of the real Prince Dracula beats all Hollywood productions. This tour will not be a horror and terror tour. We will take you on a fascinating journey through the real story of prince Vlad Dracula.

Come with us, and uncover the misunderstood life of a war genius who defeated the 15 Th Century strongest army on the planet with the power of fear. A man who’s legends still inspire film makers after 500 years. You will visit real castles of Dracula, enter the very house where the cruel prince was born, and explore the tiny island where Dracula was buried in 1476.

Don’t forget your Halloween costumes, Dracula invited us to his castle on Halloween. 

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION  Bucharest Airport or hotel
6 night hotels All meals
Entrance fees Transportation in mini-coach
English speaking guide
Alcoholic Drinks

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Tour typeSightseeing

Oct 26 2018 - The adventure begins

We can pick you up from the Bucharest airport if you arrive on October 26, 2018.

Meet the group at Europa Royale hotel in Bucharest
Explore the old city centre of Bucharest in the evening including the real castle of Dracula. Yes that’s right, one of Dracula’s castles is in Bucharest. He set the capital of the country to Bucharest for the first time, after being betrayed by the nobles of Targoviste (the former capital city -which is also included in our tour)
Overnight in 4**** Hotel in Bucharest.


Oct 27 - The Wallachian castles

Visit the Romanian Parliament Palace – the largest civil building in the world. The building is the masterpiece of a modern days Dracula – the communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu – executed in 1989 after a bloody anti-communist revolution

Next stop is Targoviste, the capital city of Wallachia until 1459 when Vlad moved the capital to the Bucharest newly built castle.
Later Vlad punished harshly the nobles of Targoviste. He rounded them all up on the Easter day of 1460 and used them as slaves to build another castle Poenari Fortress.
The best preserved part of Targoviste royal court is the “Chindia” tower. This is actually the bell tower of the royal church that Vlad Dracula converted into a super strong defence tower. The church is completely gone but the Chindia Tower is perfectly preserved and became the main landmark in the city.

Overnight in Curtea de Arges in 4**** Hotel


Oct 28 - Halloween party at Dracula’s castle in Bran

Our Halloween tour continues with Dracula’s hideout, the Poienari Castle – perched high on a rugged crag over the Arges river gorge. We will climb 1480 steps to Dracula’s “vulture nest” fortress. It may sound like an Olympic task but it is easier than you think.
In 1462 Prince Vlad was besieged here by the Turks. He sent to the village of Arefu across the hill for help but his wife, fearful of capture, threw herself into the river far below.
The villagers came at night and managed to smuggle the Prince across the high Carpathian Mountains to the safety of Transylvania and, in return, he gave them 16 mountains as pastureland, a reward they still remember, more than 500 years later!

On the other side of the Carpathian mountains we enter Transylvania. Tonight we party at Bran Castle – the famous castle from Dracula novel. This is where the author based his story.
This is the only time when you can visit the castle at night for the best Halloween Party ever. Don’t forget your Halloween costumes. The drinks are on Dracula… as the Count himself will welcome you into his castle.
Spend the night near Bran – 15 minutes from the castle


Oct 29 - Transylvania medieval heritage

Visit the medieval town of Brasov, the city where Dracula spent most of his time while exiled to Transylvania.

Enjoy a guided walk through this 13th century Saxon city. The main highlight is the Council Square, the Gothic Black Church – blackened by a fire more than 300 years ago – and the “Rope Street” – one of the narrowest streets in Europe.

Visit the Rasnov Fortress. Built on top of a dominant mountain in the 13 Th century by the Teutonic Knights, you just can’t miss this fortification.
Later the fortress was enlarged by the villagers of Rasnov and it became a small walled city protecting the villagers from the invaders. The villagers had to build an impressive well in order to withstand prolonged sieges weeks or months long. The well is 146 Meters deep – you could put the Statue of Liberty 1.5 times in it – and took 17 years to build it.
Return to the hotel in Bran.


Oct 30 - Dracula’s footsteps through Transylvania

Today we plunge deeper into Transylvania, following Prince Dracula’s footsteps.

We will drive west to Sibiu, one of the most vivid medieval towns in Transylvania selected in 2007 to be Europe’s Capital of Culture, and included by Forbes magazine on the top 10 most idyllic places to live in Europe. We will explore the medieval town, and learn the local legends
Dracula’s son, Mihnea the Evil, was killed and buried in Sibiu.

Onward, further west we reach to Hunedoara, for what I call the most “castely” castle ever. The Corvin Castle is probably the most spectacular medieval castle in Europe. Fairy tale legends and dramatic stories surround the castle.
Johannes Corvin, the governor of Transylvania, sheltered the fugitive young Prince Dracula in his castle, and later helped Dracula regain the throne of Wallachia. Sadly Johannes dies in the same year, but he lived to see his ally, Dracula, defeating the turks.

Spend the night in Hunedoara in 4**** hotel


Oct 31 - Halloween dinner at Dracula’s real house

Drive to Sighisoara, a perfectly preserved medieval town included on the UNESCO World Heritage list .
Visit the most important landmarks of Sighisoara in the morning. The Clock Tower for a stunning view over the defence walls , check out the Covered Stairs and the 900 years old Hill Church.
We spend the night inside the walled town of Sighisoara, in a 500 years old hotel, across the street from the very house where Vlad Dracula was born in 1431.

Tonight we will have a special dinner at our distinguished neighbour – the house where Dracula was born s now a restaurant, and it is definitely the place to be on the Halloween evening .


November 01 - Dracula’s grave

We leave Sighisoara after breakfast and head south towards Bucharest.

20 miles before Bucharest we stop at Snagov Lake. Here on a tiny island is the Dracula family chapel, erected by Mircea the Old, Dracula’s grand father. The legends and stories are controversial, but most of them certify the Dracula was buried here, in the very center of the church, for the priest to walk over his grave, as Dracula requested.
Escape to Bucharest.

The Hall0ween tour will end at Bucharest Airport at about 5 PM

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Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 2 reviews
December 3, 2007

I had the best time! Country is beautiful, autumn a wonderful time to go, all the trees in living color, the appropriate (to Halloween) cloud cover, cool, not cold, perfection. Horia was the most accommodating guide we could have wished for……for over 13 hours a day!!! Very attentive to our individual preferences for food, etc. And very knowledgeable of the history and geography of Romania and surrounding countries.
I have already recommended this tour to other people,and am just so happy I chose this one over the other I had considered. I feel we saw most of inner Transylvania, and while there was lots of driving, we saw the most striking sights and views. Please, anyone considering this tour, feel free to contact me, I LOVE talking about it! THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

January 23, 2008

My interest in Dracula led me to Adventure Transylvania’s website and the 2007 Halloween Dracula tour. I booked the tour, knowing nothing about the company and I was taking the tour by myself. However, prior to the tour, all my questions were answered and I was given all the information needed. The tour was everything I hoped for and more. It was a very informative tour about Vlad Tepes and also about different parts of Romania. One of my favourite parts was walking up the 1480 stairs to Dracula’s real castle. From that point on, I started counting the steps we climbed, both up and down and the various sites and guest houses. Our group climbed well over 5,200 steps throughout the tour. Our guide, Horia, was great and made the tour very memorable. We also had a great group and had a lot of fun.I would book another tour with Adventure Transylvania in a heartbeat and am seriously considering a hiking tour in 2008. I highly recommend Adventure Transylvania if you are looking to tour Romania.
Halloween Dracula Tour 2007

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