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Our Dracula tours are a pleasant journey through the dramatic life of the real Prince Vlad Dracula

We honestly believe that the real life of the Dracula is far more interesting that the spooky/blood thirsty/garlic hater fictional Dracula. Vlad the Impaler only ruled for 6 years – that’s like a drop in the ocean compared to European history – but here we are still intrigued by his incredible life 500 years later.

Join us on our Dracula tours, to uncover the misunderstood life of a war genius who defeated the strongest army of those times on the planet only through terror and and fear.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION  Bucharest Airport or hotel
5 night hotels All meals
Entrance fees Transportation in mini-coach
English speaking guide
Alcoholic Drinks

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Day 1

Pick up from Bucharest Airport. (or elsewhere if necessary)

Explore the city in the the afernoon including the most important sites of Romania’s capital.

Overnight in 3*** Hotel in Bucharest.


Day 2

Bucharest city tour

Visit the ruins of the Old Court of Bucharest – the real residence of our famous prince – Vlad Dracula was the first to set the capital to Bucharest in 1457.

As a proof that Dracula’s spirit still lives in Romania, we will visit the Parliament Palace – a megalomaniac’s work of art. This is the second largest building in the world erected by the Communist leader Ceausescu

Drive to Targoviste, the capital of Wallachia during Prince Vlad the Impeller time,

The ruins of the Royal court shelters many dramatic stories of greed, justice and cruelty.

Spend the night in the little town of Curtea de Arges a few minutes away from the most spectacular castle of Dracula – Poenari


Day 3

The real castle of Dracula

Visit the ruins of Poienari Castle – perched high on a rugged crag over the Arges river gorge. The 1480 stairs lead us to Dracula’s “vulture nest” fortress.

In 1462 Prince Vlad was besieged here by the Turks. He sent to the village of Arefu across the hill for help but his wife, fearful of capture, threw herself into the river far below.

The villagers came at night and managed to smuggle the Prince across the high Carpathian Mountains to the safety of Transylvania and, in return, he gave them 16 mountains as pastureland, a reward they still remember, more than 500 years later!

In the evening we arrive in Sighisoara a magnificent living medieval fortress, UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We spend the night in the old citadel of Sighisoara for the night at a medieval hotel across the street from the very house where Vlad Dracula was born in 1431

Dinner in the house where Prince Dracula – Vlad the Impaler was born.


Day 4

Sighisoara – Dracula’s childhood

Visit the most important landmarks of Sighisoara in the morning.

Climb the Clock Tower for a stunning view over the defense walls , check out the Covered Stairs and the 900 years old Hill Church.

Visit Rasnov Fortress – once owned by Mircea the Old, Dracula’s grand father. This is one of the most impressive forts built by the Teutonic Knights in Transylvania

Spend the night in Bran, in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains.


Day 5

Bran Castle and Brasov

Visit Bran Castle (1377), this is the Castle from the Dracula Novel – a castle in a pass in the Carpathian Mountains

After lunch, tour the walled town of Brasov – great sites to visit as The Black Church, the Council Square, the old defense walls that are still well preserved on the south and west side of the old city the watch towers and the narrowest street in Europe are just a few points on this day’s agenda.

Return to the hotel in Bran.


Day 6

Snagov Monastery – in 1476 Price Vlad Dracula was assasinated near Bucharest. The Monks of Snagov Monastery recovered his headless body and buried it inside the church on this little island.

Transfer to Bucharest airport.

You should allow a 3.5 hours for transfer and the Snagov monastery before airport.

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About Romania – if you’re reading this and wondering whether to take the plunge, our advice is – do it! A fantastic country, beautiful, unspoiled countryside, friendly people, incredible history and sights to see. And if you do decide to visit Romania, we can’t recommend Adventure Transylvania too highly (no, we don’t work for them!). Their motto is ”come as a tourist and leave as a friend” and that captures our experience in a nutshell. Nothing was too much trouble, and nothing was left to trouble our enjoyment of this fantastic country. Thanks guys , we hope to see you again soon

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