Turda salt mines

Turda salt mine

More and more people ask us about the Turda salt mine. What is there? We heard is an amusement park … underground???  Why would they make an amusement park underground in a salt mine?

A bit of history

It all started in the 1200s when the first documents talked about salt exploitation in Turda. Back then salt was a prime resource, and it was worth its weight in gold. Salt mining was done entirely manually, and it was one of the most dangerous jobs. The salt was cut into big blocks from the mine floor, then transported vertically to the surface using a horse-powered elevator. 

The mines have a bell shape 90 meters high, with a diameter of about 4 meters on the top and 87 meters wide at the bottom. Shaped like this, the mine walls were stable and were less prone to collapse. 

 Mining stopped here in 1930 when you were and more productive mines were opened in other regions of Transylvania. 1950 the mine was opened as a tourist attraction, then between 2008 and 2010 the mine went through a serious renovation to be opened again for the public in 2010.

The tourist attraction

In Romania, there is a strong belief that the salty air in the salt mines has beneficial effects on health, especially on respiratory conditions. That’s why many Romanians go to the salt mines for a salty air cure. In Turda salt mine, there is even a spa area where people go for salty air treatments.

Turda salt mine
the underground lake

People want to inhale ionized salty air inside the mind for a day or two. So for these people, who spend the whole day in the mine, there are a couple of entertainment facilities down there including a Ferris wheel, pool tables, mini golf, a small amphitheater, and even some boats on the small lake at the bottom of the bell-shaped mine. 

That’s why the amusement park is not the primary reason why people go to Turda salt mine, but since people spend a lot of time in the mine they need some activities to kill time.

For the tourist, the main attraction is the fantastic site of the mine. Down there it feels out of this world. The sheer size of the mind is just impressive. One of the bell-shaped mines is 90 meters high, with glossy black salt walls, and amazing patterns created by various layers of colored salt. The lighting in the salt mine adds to this atmosphere. Rows of neon tubes hanging from the ceiling, combined with the mesmerizing salt patterns in the walls, would make you think you are in a science-fiction movie set. You feel like an ant down there, so small compared to everything surrounding you. 

Visiting Turda Salt Mines

Turda salt mine is located 30 km south of Cluj Napoca, in the middle of Transylvania. It is about 6 hour drive from Bucharest but you can fly to Cluj Napoca and drive from there for 45 minutes. 

Alternatively, you can join our complete tour of Romania which includes a visit to the salt mine or request a custom tour to include it. Make sure you have at least four days for this since it would be a shame not to see the rest of the things on the way.

Turda ssalt mine
At the bottom of the salt mine

If you visit Romania for a couple of days and have some spare time I would strongly recommend going to Turda salt mine. Words are not enough to describe the experience of visiting this place.

Opening hours: every day from 9 AM till 5 PM,  last entrance is at 4 PM, but I strongly recommend entering before 2 pm

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